In our current era


Power struggles are constantly developing††††††††††††††††† in this landscape of invention


New sectors of thought and action †††††††††††††††††† arise from the spores of the previous periods


Actors gush into the slipstream from everywhere†††††††††††††††††† to fill these openings



Previously, power struggles developed to control the money†† or geographic domination


Currently, those old-fashioned concerns are still large

But even more important now†††††††††††††††† ††††††††

seems to be the desire to control the geography of the mind.


There are individuals and groups right nowwho are working hard

to control the input your brain gets †††††††† and the interpretations you will be able to develop.

The people forcing the control†††††††††††††† always happen to be the bad guys


All is not lost for imaginations however,


Luckily new developments and adaptations automatically flower

New ideas that are benevolent to humanity flow naturally



In ancient times, visual art, via paintings and sculpture, were the rulers of the mind

People would imagine their past experiences looking like the scenes in paintings

They would plan their future in the form of pictures they had seen


Currently people imagine their past experiences looking like scenes in movies and tv

People plan their future to look like what they see on film


All is not lost for visual art however; paintings, sculpture and more are still on the forefront of imagination stimulation


Artists still develop the most advanced fundamental interpretations of our on-earth existence

for our more commercial brethren to copy and disseminate to the populace


Also††† when a friend tells you ďI saw some great art todayĒ

you know she is not speaking of the movies.




Standing on top of this fundamental power, we artists need to strengthen visual artís influence


I make a call for artists to strengthen our position. I want todayís artists to be more serious, create art with meaning, representing your beliefs,†† disregard academic prudes,

anticipate the future, be aware of other developments, and to advance alongside each other like a massive unit.





By being more serious I mean solid and permanent in idea or substance. And serious also includes humorous. Just avoid the frivolous and disposable.


Remember, for something to be art is must supercede the commercially available norm. Paintings must be better than anything printed and photographs. Sculpture must be better than manufactured objects. Photography must be better than posters or paintings. Video must be better than TV.

and really,†††† better than movies.


The artist of today must create artwork with meaning. Creations must be significant. They must show intent to communicate ideas.In this era we have the ability and hence the duty to go beyond expressing beauty.We must stimulate the imagination of the viewer.


Even as a mere citizen, you must represent your beliefs, personality, and actions. Most artists are passionately for something or many things. Your artwork should be utilized to broadcast this. Incorporating your core beliefs into your art is an easy way to solidify your output.


Disregard those academic prudes who tell us what can and cannot be art. Everything is in flux right now. The forms of art are multiplying. If they say you canít combine words and pictures,†††††††† donít believe them; if they say you canít paint a picture with a car,††††††††† turn away. Create what you viscerally and intellectually know is going to be art.


Creators should always have an eye on the future. Your artwork should be built on fundamental ideas rather than the passing ideas.Consider how your artwork will be interpreted by historians of the future.


Be aware of other developments in this world. Knowledge is growing and it is easier to learn about new advancements††††††† in the sciences or plastics or motorcycles. Cultivate a general knowledge of where many subjects are advancing. Not necessarily to be an expert on one specific topic; you need to be abreast of many.

Artists of the future will have to contend with the huge amount of static 2 dimensional images. People will become accustomed to find a picture of nearly everything in our reality. Also consider how much is conveyed in a tiny tiny internet picture.


The artist of today DOES need to be an expert on current human development, the macro human intellectual evolution.


I want to see artists advance as a large unit. Artistic output should groove toward a common set of ideals. Not copying each other, but to move in a similar direction. This must occur organically of course. But the current stratification of artistic endeavors is weakening our position.



Shit is happening everywhere. Fundamental situations are changing, the shape of humanity is in flux, it is opening up. Artists have a duty††† to put this all together for people,

to pull blobs of coherency out of the fury.

To stimulate people now and to inform archaeologists of the future.