Explanatory Nomenclature

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These paintings occur naturally. Most people don't notice them. They occur where ever there is high speed traffic and smooth new concrete barriers. They are randomly painted by anonymous artists. I harvest them.


Harvesting these damn things is always quite a project. They need to be discovered first. Then located by landmark immediately, or they will be lost; land moves by fast under the wheels. The return drive is usually overlong. When returning to the subject, the safe vehicle, either motorcycle or van, must be stopped upstream of the site for use as a shield. All of this sounds pretty easy, but is actually very difficult even in sparse traffic. Hitting a spot like stopping a bobsled on a mark, actually stopping just before the mark. No it is more like riding a roulette ball, or being Frisbee golf.


And the best paintings are always on the fast lane side.


The most exciting part of the project is waiting for breaks in the traffic; then running out, crouching and taking a photo. Over and over. 60mph truck compared to 0mph Brian is high contrast. Very thrilling. Fun.


Raw Drift Paintings

The finished pictures are digitally printed archival ink on canvas, stretched over thick stretcher bars.